Preservation Spotlight: Calistoga

Calistoga is in the spotlight this year thanks to the efforts of Mayor Chris Canning, the City of Calistoga, the owners of Brannan Cottage Inn, the Sharpsteen Museum, and community members for their on-going efforts to preserve Calistoga’s cultural heritage. To honor these efforts Napa County Landmarks is highlighting the Sharpsteen Museum to thank them for their years of partnership with NCL. Click here to read more!

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce a few special programs, meetings, and events that will take place in Calistoga this year (and in other places around Napa County). Please check-out our Programs & Tours page to find out all the details. 

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See What’s Happening at NCL in 2015

NCL is in the process of 3 National Register Nominations this year including Freemark Abbey/Lombarda Cellar, the Yountville Town Hall, and the Gifford House in Napa. This is also a great opportunity to remind folks that listing your house on the National Register opens the door for potential tax credits. Follow this link to our resources page to find out more.

NCL is also working very closely with the Trefethen family to ensure the restoration and preservation of the Trefethen Winery Buildings (read more about this here), assisting our planning departments with local reviews and guidelines, working to save our Napa Franklin Station Post Office, and also planning some amazing new events and programs this year.  Read more about what is happening now!

We are looking forward to an amazing year!!!


2015 Ten Threatened Treasures

Throughout the years, Napa County Landmarks has used its Ten Threatened Treasures list to raise awareness about the threats facing some of the Napa County’s greatest treasures. The list often reveals treasures long forgotten or just out of sight, and has been successful in galvanizing preservation efforts to help ensure that these sites are not lost.

This includes the Cayetano Juarez Adobe. Through our efforts to bring awareness to this amazing Mexican-era building, we have successfully nominated the Adobe to the National Register and continue to work closely with the owner to ensure the preservation and restoration efforts move forward. This year’s list highlights historic resources Upvalley near Calistoga, but one City of Napa property has made its way onto the list due the the urgency of threat after the South Napa Earthquake.

This year’s list will be unveiled on March 31.